Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Though it is not Monday

It’s not Monday.  But a girl can still be thankful.



171.  It’s not Monday.  It’s Tuesday!  What a great day to start the week on!  I seriously am loving this.  It’s not Monday.

172.  Baptisms.

173.  Seeing my Dad’s profile from behind as he held my daughter.  It was like seeing a tiny reflection of my Grandpa.

174.  Having my dad come up to me at church, asking to hold Naomi.

175.  My parents coming to church with us.  (OK  . . . there is a theme running here.)

176.  A viewing of the movie, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, over Bravo’s Almond Encrusted Chicken Salad and sitting beside the handsome man who picked our dinner up.

177.  Reading The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe with our children each night – knowing that it was worth saving my childhood set JUST to read to my children one day.

178.  A three day weekend.

179.  Naomi’s jean skirt.

180.  Friends who send me honest emails and amazing books.

181.  A renewed passion to study my Bible.

182.  Chalk notes to read from my bedroom window.

183.  Antlers.  To chew.  For Ruth.

184.  Knowing where our milk comes from.  Knowing our farmer.  And reading his sometimes funny tweets.

186.  An insane amount of scrumptious time with the Engineer this past weekend.

187.  Countless peonies sans ants!  (Compliments of Asher.)


188.  a quiet afternoon with the windows open, an open Bible, 2 children sleeping, and an Engineer playing at church with his sons . . . being dangerous and wild.

189.  Getting to go to spin class for the first time.

190.  Spin class being OVER!

191.  Yogurt made with half-n-half.  Wow.

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