Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Poison Ivy

We had a lot of poison ivy at our old house. 

I thought we left it behind.  Moving closer to the hum of life . . . traffic . . . people . . . congestion . . . civilization . . . . but it followed us. 

The simple fact is that poison ivy is attracted to the Engineer.  It can’t resist him.  It spies him . . . asks help from the wind . . . and jumps at the first chance to alight onto the Engineer. 

Needless to say, we have poison ivy. 

I mean, the Engineer has poison ivy.

Meet my latest remedy: 

Young Living Joy Essential Oil



Use an oil to treat an oil (an irritating oil, that is.)

The Engineer came in one night and asked if I had an oil that would cure his poison ivy.  Puffing up like a proud bird, I was happy to research his itchy plight.  My solution . . . Joy Essential Oil. 

Now, I wish I had also had an oil called Harmony.  But alas . . . I didn’t. 

We applied it topically and neat (which means undiluted).  I didn’t hear a word from the Engineer until three days later (much like my book stated).  He was itchy for the first time since applying Joy Essential Oil.

Once again, we applied Joy topically.

Never heard a peep from the Engineer.

Must have worked. 

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