Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fraction Action Board and Fraction Cups: Review and Giveaway

I almost feel silly writing this post, because Mama Jenn has blown this math toy and this math toy out of the water with great activities to do with it. 

Introducing Guidecraft’s Fraction Action Board and Fraction Action Cups (also found on Amazon) . . .


Seriously.  I have nothing more to add . . . other than I actually used it as a baby toy, too!  I encouraged Naomi to play with the larger parts of this wood toy.  No toxic stuff to worry about as it is made from Eco-friendly rubberwood and stained with low VOC aniline dyes.



Like I was saying, Mama Jenn has come up with the way to play with Guidecraft’s latest creative wood toy (a big whoop for wood toys!).  Using Education Cubes she has created a great learning game that you can learn more about here.  (Maybe she will let me try it out . . . hint . . . hint . . .hint.)

The boys “tolerated” me teaching them about fractions . . . but the real fun began when I just let them play.

  • They created Cair Paravel (from The Chronicles of Narnia, which we are reading as a family.)


  • letters


  • sorted by color


  • discussed and decided which shape was larger (Yes, that’s my dog’s paw.)


  • built towers


  • made music



Basically we turned this math toy into an everything toy!  In fact, it is so pretty, you could use it as a decoration for your house.  (Kind of.)  Just kidding.  (Kind of.)



And now you have the chance to go win and receive both the Fraction Action Board and a set of Fraction Cups over at guess who’s website?  Mama Jenn!



As a Guidecraft Mom blogger, this product was given to me for review purposes. I do not have to return the product to Guidecraft and I was not paid for this post. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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