Saturday, July 23, 2011

If You Read My Tweets . . .

If I had a SmartPhone you might have “heard” me tweet . . .

But I don’t have a Smartphone.  Just a little red texting phone.  My brain, however, is used to thinking in tweets.  So, while on vacation recently I began to compile the statements my brain tweeted to my consciousness. 

I actually wrote them down.  I reasoned that this was probably safer than texting on my phone anyway.

Most of my paper tweets came from long moments behind a steering wheel.  Over 20 hours of long moments.  Not really.  I was in a car for 20 plus hours by myself with four children in tow.  We traveled up to Canada, across the UP (Upper Peninsula of Michigan – of which I am in love with now), and down into Wisconsin.



If you desire to get caught up on my Tweets, this if for you.

  • I just passed a Rudolph crossing!  (There was a deer crossing sign on the interstate that had a bright red dot on the deer’s nose.)
  • Watch out!  Windmill blade on the road.
  • Windmill blades are ji-normous!
  • Gabe thinks his light saber is a candle.  He has no clue what Star Wars is.
  • I ate at McDonalds.  {Sigh.}
  • When applying peppermint essential oil to your tongue while driving, avoid bumps. 
  • Gabe . . . will travel with potty.
  • Whenever I hear, “I want to go to my room,” then I know Gabe has to go potty.
  • My plan backfired.  My children do like chocolate covered espresso beans. 
  • It appears that much of Michigan is uninhabited.
  • Only 6 more hours till we rendezvous with the Engineer in Wisconsin!
  • It’s Christmas!  (In Michigan, that is . . . Christmas, Michigan.)
  • I could live in the UP . . . on Lake Superior.
  • I’m beginning to feel like a nag and slightly irrational. 
  • There are as many pine trees in Michigan as there are stars in the sky.  Just kidding.  Kind of.
  • New family tradition: scream “thank you, Jesus” before you leave.
  • Glad they let me back into America.  Wondered where the Engineer was.
  • I feel awkward carrying a toilet into a bathroom.
  • Just noticed a stranger debating whether or not to help me.
  • Hello Marquette.  Aren’t you quaint!
  • PTL for Geoffrey the Giraffe!
  • I have a new respect for single moms.
  • Moose crossing! 
  • I feel like I’m in Colorado, but it’s the UP!
  • Listening to Under the Olives.
  • Campers and the like should have their own highway.
  • Where is a passing lane when you need one?
  • Toby Mac to the rescue!
  • I just discovered Wisconsin is pretty.
  • My camera just ate all 150 pictures I took in Canada.  They are garbled.
  • Getting ready to jump out the window into the Engineer’s arms while the car is still running.
  • Here.  Hello Fort Wilderness.

There you have it.  Two weeks worth of tweets.  Not you don’t have to feel like you missed anything. 

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