Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Chocolate

Trader Joes has some chocolate.  And we are just finishing up potty training Gabe.

Using Endangered Species Chocolate was getting to be a tad bit expensive . . . not to mention if felt like we were literally flushing it down the toilet.  {Sorry.}



So, I discovered that Trader Joes sells one pound of chocolate.  A gigantic chocolate bar.

It screamed, “Take a picture of me!”  So I did.  My model was very willing.  I paid him in chocolate.



Don’t worry, we are doing some healthy things around here – like counter-top yogurt (tutorial coming soon!}.



In fact, tonight Ezra asked if we were eating anything fermented . . . because normally we do and our tabled lacked some bacteria for dinner.  Plenty of local produce, free range chicken, and organic butter . . . just no kimchi or kombucha or water kefir soda. 

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