Thursday, July 28, 2011

Boy Mom Blog Hop

A little thing called a Boy Mom Blog Hop has got my fingers moving today. . . compelling me write a post that I have been meaning to write anyways. 

Mothers of Boys

Welcome to Granola Mom 4 God to both my new readers and my faithful old readers.  I appreciate all of you. I sincerely do.  The sweet “friendships” that I have formed with many of you (and the promising new friends to come) have been such a blessing and encouragement to me. 

To top it all off, some of you are IRL friends or soon to be (that is if you are going to Relevant).

So, you’re here:  Granola Mom 4 God


I am Jodi. 

By definition and life circumstances, daughter of El De’ot (the God of Knowledge), believing that Jesus is the Messiah and that I am thankfully His new creation in Christ.  For this I am grateful, because I have discovered that being a mom of four (three arrows of which are BOYS) . . . has shown me a need for a Savior . . . Someone who knows all . . . because I so don’t “get” boys . . . I make a lot of mistakes . . . and I say things that I shouldn’t . . . but I am learning. 

This blog is a hodgepodge of writings.  It started out as a virtual scrapbook then became a collection of how we do organic with some recipes thrown in and a review and giveaway every now and then.  You can actually read about us here.

I think my site is what you might call a mom blog, I suppose.  I write because I feel compelled to write.  Convicted to write because of what God has done in my life.  Drawn to it – online writing that is.  Relieved by it.  It’s how I process thoughts, remember life, and keep track of my recipes. 

I will keep blogging until the Lord tells me otherwise. 

And if you don’t know my Jesus, don’t stop reading.  You might be surprised by His personality.  His reality.  You won’t find me shoving Him down your throat like I would kimchi or kombucha . . . but you may find my God whispering your name every now and then. 

Which is why I want you to keep coming back.

I’m real.  I won’t always give you a pretty picture.  You will always find honesty here. 

So here is some truth for you.  I am married to my high school sweet heart.  I used to refer to him as the Hottie, but that was causing some issues for my friends and stirring up some strife especially for those who didn’t know that the Hottie’s name was Brian.  Imagine being at the dinner table and announcing that the Hottie just completed his first triathlon.  That doesn’t go over real well with the husbands FYI,  unless you are my husband. 


He is now the Engineer. 

We have four surprises.  Surprises because we weren't supposed to have any children due to me having PCOS

Here is the line-up:  for all practical purposes, we have a 7-year old named Asher, a 5-year old named Ezra, Gabriel my 3-year old, followed by Naomi our 9 month old. 


I am thankful for the purpose God has given me for my life . . . to train up these little’s in the way they should go so that when they are older they won’t depart from it . . . but it is a job that doesn’t come naturally to me.  But I’m learning.  And God dishes out a lot of grace, along with my children.

At our house we work on being dangerous.  In addition, part of my job involves feeding my kiddos lots of bacteria, washing cloth diapers, nursing, training up a Proverbs 31 daughter beside three Godly warriors, and growing a garden.  We homeschool the three oldest and work on deepening our knowledge of the Bible and Essential Oils.  (Shameless plug we were were encouraged to add . . . Young Living Essential Oils rock . . . and I both use and sell them . . . soon to host classes on them . . . )

I’d love to see you hang around . . . and I’d love to visit you.  Upcoming events here at Granola Mom:

  • the Essential Oils that saved our vacation
  • a review of the Timberdoodle baby curriculum
  • a review of the Fall Tea Collection
  • a recipe for countertop yogurt (that doesn’t have to be heated)
  • Who is in my in-box?
  • Intro GAPS diet menu plan
  • Our new way of composting
  • Why you haven’t seen Elementary Round Up (as promised) this summer
  • Tot School
  • books that boys read
  • Canada pictures (if Lindsey can fix my memory card!)
  • some book reviews . . .
  • and of course Multitudes on Monday, Wordless Wednesday, and My Daybook
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