Monday, July 25, 2011

Multitude on Mondays

There are so many simple things to be thankful for . . . and it is especially easy after returning from a vacation.  Two vacations . . .

  • walking barefoot on clean wood floors after two weeks of constantly having shoes on
  • a well-watered garden (thanks Christina!)


  • grocery stores that are open at 10:00 PM  . . . otherwise we would have had nothing but kimchi for breakfast the morning proceeding our evening arrival home from Family Camp (see what we learned).  We were “supposed” to pull into our driveway at 5:38 PM according to the GPS . . . try something closer to 9:00.  At least when you travel with potty training kids . . . your legs never get stiff!
  • ginger . . . the lid for stomachs that frequently want to dump themselves when traveling in the car . . . not that I had to pull over beside a field in Canada or anything. 


  • Great-Grandpa holding his 13th great-granddaughter


  • free oils that make water taste yummy


  • walking laps in the pool with Naomi while the boys swam with the Engineer
  • sweet weeks of fellowship with both sets of grandparents
  • the jiggle of the doorknob . . . the same doorknob I used 30 years ago


  • a patient great-uncle who taught my son how to fish


  • living out of my comfort zone to impress my sons


  • a perfect start to rock jumping with my dad . . . and the boys (kind of)


  • passing memories on to my children


  • a quick processing of passports
  • leaving surprises for others to find and contribute to


  • a perfect Saturday . . . staying home
  • the Engineer
  • receiving texts from the Engineer while hibernating in Canada – the wonders of technology when I was so far removed from electricity


  • finding Gabe . . . twice
  • how my mom brings hospitability to the woods with morning lattes
  • kayaking through a field of lily pads


  • kayaking alongside the Engineer while he swam a 1/2 mile
  • that at least I have my dad’s and uncle’s pictures of our Canada trip
  • the generosity of Ezra’s teacher to loan me a memory card while at Fort Wilderness
  • Nana who was willing to tote Gabe’s potty wherever he wanted to sit
  • a late night canoe ride with my dad
  • sunsets


  • moon rises



  • strong arms and close proximity for when a motor drinks all of its sustenance


  • daily coffees delivered to me at Fort Wilderness Family Camp compliments of my MIL
  • having the majority of my Young Living oils with me to reduce fevers, soothe stomachs, stop ralphing, annoy bugs, calm itchy bug bites, dress burns, eradicate headaches



  • amazing weather


  • fresh Canadian blueberries at my doorstep
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