Monday, July 4, 2011

5 Years Old

Once upon a time, he was Pat. 

Then, we saw a picture . . . and he had a name only known to the Engineer and I.



That little secret entered the world like a firecracker through a tunnel to became Baby Ezer. 

He began to talk.

We renamed him Mr. Me-Too.


One day, he decided he could make decisions.  He became self-titled, Honey Sir Ezra. 

Shortly before turning 5, our Ezra gained yet another name. 

Hüsker Dü.  The name actually means, “Do you remember?”

However, when the Engineer renamed Ezra, he didn’t know what it meant . . . only that it was cute and Ezra’s face lit up with this endearing name.  But really the name works.  Because Ezra loves to talk about things that he remembers . . . or we remember.

Like his birth.

Which is what we are celebrating today. 


Five years ago today I gave birth and celebrated not only our country’s birth, but my son’s.  I didn’t see fireworks that night from our hospital room, but he has been such a bright spot in our life . . . that who needs fireworks when he is around. 

Honey Sir Hüsker Dü Ezra, I love you.  Thank you for your precious hugs.  Your snuggles.  The times you knock me down on my knees with the passion of your love.  I love your imagination . . . the creativity in your stories . . . how you make Toy Story become real in my eyes . . . and your new passion to eat words with your eyes.


Happy birthday!

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