Sunday, July 3, 2011

If You Take Away A Mom’s Computer

If you take away a mom’s computer, she might find that she can survive.

Even thrive.  And actually call someone on the phone . . . not only return a phone call like usual. 

She will discover that her children are not a distraction, but a pleasant gift.  The avenue through which God often tries to get her attention. 

Quiet times can exist in the afternoon if the morning doesn’t allow.

She may even find more time to sit with her husband of an evening slurping fun concoctions from the Vita Mix  after the kids go to bed . . . because while he was putting the children to bed, she was actually cleaning the dishes -- not checking her email.

She may actually get more tasks accomplished and more items crossed off her to-do list like . . .

  • fermenting . . .


(From left to right, 4 jars of dill pickles; kimchi; basil/broccoli sauerkraut; yogurt; kombucha; salsa; water kefir soda – with palm sugar; pickles; carbonating grape water kefir soda; ketchup; and mayonnaise.)


  • laying on a blanket with her children in the middle of the day, because she can.



  • go swimming . . .


  • make baby food . . .


  • and create fun dinners . . .


In fact, she may realize that being without her computer was one of the best things that has happened in a long time. 

Because even when she got her computer back. . . she has yet to check Twitter . . . respond to a bunch of emails . . . or get lost hopping from blog to blog.

But she did finally plant every square in her garden.


And sew three baby slings . . .

In addition to keeping up with the laundry . . .

And most importantly, enjoy her children, occasionally the dog, and always the Engineer.

(By the way, Ruth graduated from her Advanced Dog School . . . then again, so did all of the dogs.)

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