Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Creating Peace With Oranges

We have three boys and one baby girl so when we sit down for dinner it is loud.  To add to the slight bit of chaos is our dog, a dog that is taller than the table. We are constantly on guard as the Husband and I direct conversation towards meaningful ideas rather than who hit whom and how many changes of underwear my three-year old went through that day.

It can be a difficult task to remain calm, unruffled, polite and loving.

When we sit down for dinner, meals are intense.  Voices race to tell Dad about the day as airplane forks float in front of my face with very loud propellers. I’ve decided to embrace the chaos rather the busyness but I manage how the busyness makes me feel.

Around 4:30 I begin to prepare (on a good day).  David Nuveu on Pandora begins to filter out the clatter of Legos from the intimate conversation I am having with my 3-year old son over what I am doing and how he likes airplanes.  My son wonders how peaceful music is wafting through the air as I am fluttering about unloading the dishwasher and moving the schoolbooks off of the kitchen table while trying to keep my pink polka-dot pajamas around my waist.  They have been stretched to their limit with 4 pregnancies and countless washings.

Desperately desiring to order take-out, I pick up my apron strings and make a simple meal.

But I garnish it with love, beauty, and peace. . . .

To find out how, head on over to The Homemakers Challenge.  I’d love for you to stop by and leave a comment!!


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