Thursday, December 29, 2011

Winners All Around

We have a winner . . . a Dayspring winner . . . $35 to spend at the store.  I told our winner that I wish I had won my own giveaway!  But alas . . . that wouldn’t be very fair – and Dayspring already sent me the free goodies

So Wendi knows . . . she found out on her anniversary “get-a-way” . . . but I also wanted to let you know that Dayspring is having a sale


Several times this Christmas season, I heard or read the following verse:

Through the tender mercy of our God,

With which the Dayspring from on high has visited us;

(Luke 1:78)

Dayspring is defined as dawn, the coming of morning, or the return of the Messiah who will bring healing . . .

So . . . as you purchase your gifts or decorations for your home, whatever the season, I challenge you to make selections that remind you of the Messiah that has come . . . and is returning.

Consider browsing . . .

But only purchase . . . if . . . and only if . . . it is something that will promote a meaningful family tradition that causes you to ponder on Christ our Savior . . . or is a gift that will help the recipient reflect upon God’s love for them . . . and you actually have the money in your bank account.

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