Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Love Came Down: A Giveaway

Last night we met for Bible study. 
As the sun approached the horizon, I found myself sidestepping a nervous dog, jumping over a rather inconvenient bean bag housing one Ezra traveling towards the sickness that had already overcome Asher, and a pile of dirty dishes lining up to enter the dishwasher. 
Meanwhile, Gabe talked for attention and grabbed his fourth pair of pants for the day. 
Thankfully, my little girl slept.
The kitchen?  I wondered how . . . how would it get clean?  The ladies were each bringing their favorite treat.  And I had the counter covered in Christmas Spirit Sugar Scrub
Tonight was supposed to be a party.  A Christmas party . . . and I with no cheer.
I was still stinky from my workout at the gym.  My hair was two days old.  Dinner hadn’t even made it to the checklist.  There were supplements to be administered; herbals to be prepared; and essential oils that must be anointed upon ailing loved ones.
I still had to call someone and apologize.
Quite truthfully, I thought to myself, is this what Christmas is about this year?
Business?  Sickness?  Hosting?  Cooking?  Baking?
However, every morning for the past two weeks I am reminded that it is not.
My morning mug tells me otherwise. Love came down.
And my afternoon mug seeks to remind me.  Love came down.
Love came down.
When I remember or am available to lead our Advent devotions . . . I am reminded there too . . . 25 days of being remindedLove came down.
I desperately want to grasp this concept.  A baby.  A beating heart.

A living person.  Not just a person . . . but God! 

God!  God . . . I shout.

But I’m struggling to hear.

Jackie Kendall and Debby Jones write in their book, Lady in Waiting,

Too many women have been involved in a form of religious worship, but have never had a vital, growing relationship with Jesus.

I am stuck right there.  At some point . . . somewhere between summer and fall, my interaction with Jesus became religious, rather than a relationship.  I became a Pharisee . . . bent on rules and doing the right thing.

Keeping up appearances. 

But when you are FORCED to consider who Christ is . . . when you are surrounded by Him in your home and even on the radio . . . I consider those words this season. 

Love came down.

Though one popular song artist has changed the lyrics to an old Christmas hymn, I know that there is power behind the real words.

The Word.  It’s not just a book.  It has the ability to know our hearts . . . transform our hearts.

So each morning, I am drawn to Him.  This Jesus.  This man that an ENTIRE day is celebrated.  More than a day.  A month.  Though we see evidence of a morphed holiday . . . tinsel, presents, Santa and his elves, cute reindeer . . .

The fact remains.

Without Jesus . . . no one . . . no one would be celebrating Christmas.  Black Friday wouldn’t exist, nor would Cyber Monday.

It is because of Him. Love came down.

People have tried to change how that Love is expressed.  But when it comes down to it . . .

It is Jesus. 

Lord Jesus . . . fill me with that wonder and awe of you.  God, draw me back to you.  Help me defy the pull at my apron strings, my mental to-do list, my tiredness, my lack of desire to serve . . . wake me up physically and spiritually of a morning.  As you grew from a baby to a man . . . Lord God . . . grow my faith.

Lord, come down into my heart.  I’m trying to build a crèche for you.

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