Thursday, December 22, 2011

Seeds of Turmoil: A Review

Unfortunately, Seeds of Turmoil by Bryant Wright, has sat in my Bible basket for months.  Several times I have opened it up, but failed to become engaged in the historical data that is compiled in this biography of the “Biblical roots of the inevitable crisis in the Middle East.”

I am really kind of surprised that I didn’t just dive into this well-documented book . . . due to the fact that I am fascinated and drawn to any information and knowledge that I can gain regarding the Middle East and its history. 

Give me anything Joel Rosenberg and I gobble it right up . . . even when he is writing a non-fiction book (I do read more than just vacation reading, I’ll have you know.)

Nevertheless, this book serves as a primer and even tutorial to the “average joe” who has not researched the cultural and geographical reasons for the tension in the Middle East. 

For a well-versed Bible scholar, this would NOT be the book for you.  BUT for the individual who doesn’t have a good handle on Scripture and desires to know the REAL reason for all of the fighting over such a tiny amount of land, then this book would be a good purchase.

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