Thursday, January 12, 2012

Home Improvement Challenge

With the Engineer pursing his doctorate, I have made it my passion to pursue a doctorate in DIY projects.  Normally, I feign the damsel in distress and leave all “fix-it” jobs to my personal handy-man.

But now it is my turn to bless him.

Today, during school, I figured out how to install a water filter AND change the direction of a socket wrench


I am pretty proud of myself and I have a battle wound to prove what I accomplished.  It was properly cared for by my helper, which is rather fitting, seeing as though Ezra’s name means “help.”


Previously, we had been using a PUR counter water system in the school room.


However, I wasn’t pleased with the quality of our filtered water, as I am partial to Aquasana.


When we replaced the kitchen faucet, we installed an under-the-counter filter.  That left us with a spare Aquasana counter top  filter. 

It sat for some time.  What could we do with this thing?

Perfect for the school room . . . and it would eliminate one less interruption to the school day.  No more errands up to the kitchen to refill sippy cups!

Fresh, clean, filtered water only feet away!

I ran into one snafu . . .

The opposing filters (un)screwed in opposition directions



There was another problem.  I couldn’t get the socket wrench to go counter-clockwise.  Unbeknownst to me, there is a trick.

See the Y?


Push down and turn.


And behold it is as if you have changed the hands of time, and you will find your socket wrench now turns clockwise.


It was such a proud moment. 


Running water.

Linking up with the Homemakers Challenge Accomplished!  Come on over to see what others have accomplished.

Projects left?

  • Move some memory around in the external hard drive and install Carbonite Mirror Memory.
  • Figure out why the printer STILL won’t print in full color.  I’m tired of everything being pink and blue.
  • Finish installing Rosetta Stone . . . for some reason I can’t input students.
  • Hang a towel rod, towel ring, and toilet paper holder up in the guest bathroom and maybe install a faucet?  (I doubt the Engineer will go for this Granola Girl DIY project.)

Projects accomplished?

  • Fixed the CD/DVD Rom that has been broken for quite some time.
  • Installed water filter.
  • Made Fermented Lemons.
  • Kept up with laundry.

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