Friday, January 27, 2012

Learn How to Make Healthy Bread

Our household is filled with opposites.  Loud children, quiet parents.  Coffee drinkers verses a man who shakes his head at such indulgences.  Almond butter is dwarfed by peanut butter.  Kimchi advocates eat it by the spoonful and the sauerkraut fans digest it sparingly. 


We all love bread, though.

But not all of us thrive on bread.  This dichotomy creates a weird dance in our household. 

At times I feel like I am shrieking, “No, don’t let him have grain!!!”

Yet, that evening we will dine with family and devour a pizza. 

I find myself regretting that seemingly “easy” road I opted for.

The tummy ache soon follows.  Anger rises and peaks the following day.  Lethargy.  Thumb sucking worsens.  Little limbs are consumed with a continual itch until the grain irritant has made its way through and out of this delicate system.  The ears no longer register what the parents are saying.

Our lesson is learned.  We avoid processed grain for a good week. 

We forget our lesson.  The Engineer and I find ourselves in yet another situation that is easier to compromise on than be prepared for. 

Homemade Corn Tortilla Chips

Bread is trump.  Toast in the morning loaded with coconut oil, raw honey, cinnamon. 

A snack?  How about homemade granola with yogurt? 

Dinner on the run . . . sandwiches sure can be a lifesaver.

Sprouting wheat berries

However, to our family . . . to one special member in our family . . . grain creates a fog . . . irrationality . . . silent torture.

Except when grain is prepared properly.  I have tried my hand at this art . . . this nourishment present since before Jesus.

To see some of the grains that I have fermented please visit the following tutorials:

But to learn from a wise woman . . . I encourage you to join Ann Marie as she teaches a course titled Healthy Whole Grains.

By taking this course, you could easily save $300 a year if you purchase bread at the store (which would more than pay for the course, especially with a promo code . . . like this one:  SPROUT20)

That doesn’t even factor in other grains.  Do you buy tortilla chips?  Crackers?  Cookies?  Pizza?  Store bought pie crust?

Sourdough Bread Success! 

You will learn many things from Ann Marie’s class

I thought I knew a lot, but from reading about her course, I see that I have so much more to learn . . . and with the tools she is going to provide me . . . there is hope that a properly prepared bread may bake in my oven again.

  • Make sprouted flour in just 5 minutes per day
  • Make delicious bread in just 5 minutes per day
  • Make a gorgeous loaf of nutritious whole grain sourdough bread — with absolutely no kneading!
  • Save time and effort by eliminating kneading and fussy, elaborate sourdough routines
  • Make a perfect pie crust with a lattice crust — you’ll wow your dinner guests!
  • Save hundreds of dollars per year cooking from scratch with whole grains
  • Make nutritious waffles, cereal, cookies, pasta, pizza and tortilla chips that your children will devour
  • Store bulk grains and freshly ground flours to maximize shelf life

The details?

Cost of the class?  $199 $149

Coupon Code?  SPROUT20

Real cost of the class until February 7th? 

$129 (that is $11/class)

You will receive lifetime access to:

  • 12 Weeks of Online Classes
  • 50 Video Tutorials
  • Over 100 Printable Recipes!

Head on over to Healthy Whole Grains to sign up for the class.  I have NEVER been disappointed with Ann Marie’s classes. 

Join me.  Let’s learn how to make healthy bread. 

(All grain photos are compliments of Ann Marie and her photo journal of her Healthy Whole Grain journey.)

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