Saturday, January 7, 2012

Three Cups: A Children’s Review

This Christmas, I received a Kindle Fire.  It has been a handy little gadget, providing hours of entertainment during my month of sickness.

(I discovered I have bronchitis, by the way.)

The one thing that I have had some difficulty finding (on my Kindle) are free children’s books.  So I was super excited to review Three Cups by Tony Townsley with Mark St. Germain via my Kindle . . . thanks Book Sneeze!  (By the way, the book was only free because I am reviewing it.)

I’m embarrassed to say that we have yet to do much instruction with the children on the concept of tithing, saving, and spending.  So this book was a welcome introduction into the world of Godly finances. 

The concept is simple.  It introduces the idea of a weekly allowance followed by placing three cups out with a label on each cup:  give, save, spend.  The allowance is divided right away . . . making sure that your child learns to give back first. 

Of course, it could be expanded upon . . . but that is what Dave Ramsey is for.  {Smiles.}

So, if you want to dip your feet into this VERY important idol topic I highly recommend this book.  You don’t have to view it on Kindle . . . it does come in hardback. 

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