Friday, January 13, 2012




There are some moments that it is easy to be present for.  Alert.  Awake.  Fully living in the moment. 

And then there are times it seems much more enjoyable to savor the moments of fog under a brown, crinkly, down comforter.

The boys flutter in, almost like Tinkerbell, darting here and there in the early morning darkness . . . peaking to see if I am awake.  Their uncontrolled morning voices can abruptly startle me from slumber. 

But these voices don’t always awaken me.

The Kindle lay beside my bed from a previous late night book. 

It is waiting.  Waiting for little hands to hold it up and watch that accidental purchase of the entire season one of Curious George.

Not minding, I refuse to wake up.  Instead I pull my snuggliest pajama clad son close and spoon him, lulled back to sleep by sounds of the man with the yellow hat.


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