Saturday, January 7, 2012

Journey To Christmas: A Review

I should have known better.  Give me something super time sensitive to review . . . and I will miss it. 

Such is the case with my review of Journey to Christmas.


Journey to Christmas is a 4 session “Holy Land Study Experience.”  In this movie the viewer follows five very diverse people as they experience the Hold Land for the first time. 


It is all to discover the meaning of Christmas.  Bible scholar, Nizar Shaheen, teaches these travelers, answering their questions as they travel through beautiful scenery.

In it you will witness transformation.  Perhaps in the travelers on film or in your heart.  But not all will be changed, so don’t expect an entirely happy ending.

Each session comes with discussion material in PDF format.  The Journey to Christmas would work well for Advent activities . . . a year from now. 

{insert sheepish grin}

As with anything, if you choose to view this documentary, compare it to Scripture to make sure it lines up.  Does it cause you to think upon Christ, to dwell upon that which is pleasing and perfect?  I only offer you that caution if you choose to base your Advent celebrations upon this film.

Thanks Tyndale House!  I received this DVD in exchange for an honest opinion.

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