Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Mercy: A Review

I can’t believe it.  I missed the second book in the Beverly Lewis Rose Trilogy.  I was so excited to post this for you . . .

Having read the first book here.

But alas when I just looked The Mercy up . . . I discovered that it was the third book!

Gasp!  I missed book #2 – The Judgement . . . which explains why not everything totaled up to me!

So . . . you can read The Mercy and still have a good read.  I did.

What’s it about?

Rose Kauffman has reoccurring stirrings for the seemingly lost Nick Franco, the Bishop's foster son.  Franco got out of dodge soon after his “brother” died in a freak accident.  Because of Nick’s seemingly unruly behavior, his dad was silenced.  However, like any good story . . . there is more to this story than most people know.  Is Nick really rebellious?  Rose continues to be Nick’s friend . . . but there is tension between his use of modern conveniences and his refusal to make amends. 

But ya’ gotta know the whole story before you judge someone . . .

Back at the ranch, Rose's older sister, Hen, is living in her parents' Dawdi Haus. Rose is married to an Englisher who finds himself in a horrible car accident, leaving him in need of constant care. This is truly an example how God can use something bad for His good (yes, I know it is just a fictional story.)

Buy it in hardback or on Kindle!  You won’t be disappointed!

Thanks Bethany House!  I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.


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