Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Attempt at Poetry--All For Fish

We went on our first family vacation in two years.

It was a week long. It wasn't long enough.

Tomorrow, Hottie Hubby returns to work. Sadness.

I am sure in the next few days, if not weeks, you will begin to see snapshots of our holiday in Canada.
For the meantime, while I am majorly playing catch-up on the 250 emails in my in-box, grocery shopping for Co-Op, kindergarten being launched at the Granola School House, review and blog post deadlines to be crafted and met this week, piles of stinky week-old laundry to be washed/dried/folded/put away, whole foods cooking resumed, exercise to be enforced upon my lethargic body, slings to be cut/ironed/sewn/mailed and a few other things that I don't even know about yet, let me share a little ditty (poetry) that I wrote while out in the wild forest of Canada (did I mention that we saw 3 bears, moose poop and moose footprints, lots of black flies and mosquitoes, hummingbirds, and loons)?

OK . . . here goes. Don't expect much.

All for Fish

Late night packing,
Early morning rising
Can't see out the rear window.

Miles of asphalt
Led to a Starbucks,
Which fades away to mountains of scenery.

Over a long bridge; I trust that engineer.
Thousands of fish beneath me.
Through a foreign gate
No, I didn't bring a gun.

Strange signs, Funny accents.
Beer (don't ask), milk, fishing license.
A bumpy road and a hope for fish.

Red wood my grandfather's hands touched;

Four generations of memories. We are there.
So are the fish.
My childhood is reawakened
and reenacted through my sons
Except with more abandon

And a God given desire for adventure and danger
Blueberries, hummingbirds, and loon calls.

Aunt Mary still smells, She is still an outhouse.
No fish
Beautiful skies, pancakes, euchre, and shooting stars.

No fish
Relaxing afternoons, primed pump, and canoe rides
No fish
Late night conversations,
never electricity--
yet every morning mocha's.
One fish
that got away.


Sarah said...

I like your poem!! That water IS clear!!! Can't wait to see and hear more about your trip!

Anonymous said...

Wow! love the pictures and the poetry. Can't wait to hear more. MIL