Thursday, August 27, 2009

Computer Games Enter Our House!!! The Quarter Mile Math Review

The inevitable event has happened. A computer game has entered our house. I must admit The Quarter Mile Math from Barnum Software isn't the our first electronic game, but it is the first computer game to be admitted to our schoolroom and will be used in our schoolroom.

Honestly, I have dreaded the day that technology would enter into the schoolhouse. Perhaps because it means that I will have to share my computer. With three children, and the dawning of their fascination with electronics, we may have to begin scheduling times to use the family computer. It also means that I have to stay technologically fit.

This game marks the advent of computer literacy in my child's life. I clearly remember the day I met my first computer and was allowed to use it. It was EXCITING! I was in 2nd grade when an Apple computer was rolled into our classroom. Mrs. Christian taught us how to enter some sort of code to make our computer create a picture. It was a tedious process that resulted in magic.

And now my 5 year old begins his journey into the world of computers. Even as I began to write this review that chronicles yet another milestone in my son's life, Mr. Smackdown saw the image of the horse used on The Quarter Mile Math logo, and requested to play the game. Note, he wants to play the game again. It must be fun.

This adrenaline producing computer adventure played out in his brain and displayed on the computer screen appeals to that God given sense of exploration. He can't physically go race a NASCAR or gallop through a big open field on a horse . . . yet. But through this learning quest he can put his imagination to the test. The more he learns about his numbers and alphabet, the faster he becomes in the computer game. I can only guess what it will be like when all three of my action-seeking boys create a Quarter Mile Math horse tourney!

Mr. Smackdown is currently learning to read. So the task of explaining and creating the sense of competition that The Quarter Mile Math provides falls on my shoulders. Even though the students race against themselves, Mr. Smackdown doesn't understand this concept. Additionally, because he is young and using MY computer, it isn't a game that I can comfortably hand the electrical reins over to Mr. Smackdown. At this stage in the game, no pun intended, I appreciate the software because it is a good introduction to the computer keyboard, provides stimulating entertainment, and is helping his math skills progress. For the homeschooling parent who often sits with their young child, using this program is an excellent supplement. However, if you want your non-reading child to entertain themselves, wait a few years before purchasing The Quarter Mile Math program.

I was given Deluxe edition of the software. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I encourage you to hop over to The Quarter Mile Math website and see the various editions that they offer, including a $2.95 monthly fee for the Deluxe Edition which allows you to directly download the CD instead of waiting for it to arrive in the mail, receive free upgrades, have access to over 70,000 problems, participate in Quarter Mile races with family in another state (!), and the ability to store student scores on Barnum Software Quarter Mile Math sever.

For a mom who didn't want to allow her son to enter the computer world, I must admit that Barnum's The Quarter Mile Math really has eased our entry into technology. The game is diverse, covers multiple disciplines, and is so simple that it is successful; yet its simplicity doesn't limit it from being utilized by kindergartners through 9th grade. As the primary individual who does maintenance on our new Quarter Mile Math computer program, I am especially pleased with the customer service and ease of the Quarter Mile Math website provided by Barnum Software. There is even a special section for homeschoolers! I don't have time to read a manual--but I do have time to read a website!
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And you, my blessed reader, can now receive $5.00 off any product at The Quarter Mile Math website, by entering in the following Referral Code: 7A7B7. This code will be valid until September 30, 2009.

Happy Racing!

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