Monday, August 31, 2009

MckLinky Blog Hop--Favorite Baby Pictures

I am sure I could probably find a ton of my favorite baby pictures of the boys. However, this is what I scrounged up today, due to my unorganized tagging system. One of these days, when life slows down (yea right), I will organize our pictures . . . and maybe finish a few scrapbooks!

(Mr. Smackdown was born before our digital camera. Here he is in his daddy's hard hat.)

(Mr. Me-Too came fast and furious. We used this picture for his birth announcement. It was taken at the hospital.)

(Mr. Smiley is snoozing after a big storm that blew threw. He is probably a few days old here. We were thankful he wasn't born during the storm. I'm not sure our midwife would have made it!)

MckLinky Blog Hop


Ave said...

Lol @ the first photo! It's so cool!

Kari said...

What a doll. I love baby photos! I don't think a baby can take a bad one. Love the top one in the hat. Too cute.

Bridgette said...

What cutie pies you have!!!!!

HeatherOz said...

Those are great pictures!
I'm pretty sure that "life" will never slow down! I wish it would!

grace said...

maybe you can post your home birth story...I'd love to hear it!