Monday, August 10, 2009

Plan City Wood Activity Bus from

Continuing from yesterday, I must admit that I am partial to Plan City toys. I think that they make good toys.

A toy called the Activity Bus from Plan Toys, is a safe green toy, and Granola Mom approved. It was sent to me from a toy website called ebeanstalk. Talk about green--not a hint of plastic even in the packaging of this product. The accessory pieces came in a paper bag!

Ebeanstalk has toy experts and moms that find great learning toys and baby toys through a toy testing program. I am thankful to be blogging about one such toy!

When the Plan City Activity Bus arrived two weeks ago, only Mr. Smiley was awake. He was entertained by the yellow bus, and even tossed it a few times. Yes, I did write toss. It survived the baby abuse.

Mr. Smiley has already begun mimicking his brothers. He loves to push vehicles around as he crawls along. He was able to grasp the wood bus and push it with each lurch of his body.

Soon, Mr. Me-Too clomped down the stairs and was DELIGHTED to discover a toy bus. Now you have to understand that our subdivision sounds like a race track for buses. Of a school morning, it isn't uncommon to see 15+ buses. I think the fact that the boys most likely won't ever ride a yellow bus to school, makes buses all the more enticing.

This bus can be easily played with by one year old as a bus (I know, surprising since it is actually a bus).

But for an older child, the bus opens up and becomes either the inside of a bus, or a one room school, complete with chairs, books, a chalkboard, and two people. Mr. Me-Too needed a little bit of help opening the bus the first time. He has since mastered the art of "unlocking" the bus.

I am thankful that it is hard to open, because that deters Mr. Smiley from getting his little hands on small parts that don't belong in his mouth.

And finally, the last of the testers woke up. Big Brother, Mr. Smackdown, enjoyed the bus, but he preferred the small pieces. Not surprising considering he is older. His imagination made the school children come to life and interact in their schoolroom.

All said and done, the Plan City Activity Bus entertains an age span from 1-5, but my 3-year old enjoys it the most. I know this because only special toys are taken with him to a wall where he lays down with them and plays lazily amidst the hustle of a busy household.


Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

This is a cute toy! We have it too.

Melissa said...

Great review! Your little 3 year old is a sweetheart!