Monday, August 31, 2009

Communication is Necessary for a Haircut

With the money you save by cutting your family's hair, you can purchase a few more organic items for your home! (and no . . . this is NOT another review)

But don't allow a miscommunication to jeopardize your organic lifestyle!

Just when I thought that my husband and I were excellent communicators, I accidentally buzzed his hair.

But we still saved money. In fact, we will have saved some energy, too, as we won't have to cut his hair for a long time.

You see, for seven of the ten years we have been married, I have cut Hottie Hubby's hair. When he was in graduate school, we didn't own a clipper set. And when we lived in India, I couldn't top the scalp massage Hottie received with each hair cut.

(Tip: When we cut the boys' hair, we pretend it is like Cookie Cutters and allow them to watch a video. At times we have been known to reward their ability to sit still during their hair cut with something involving chocolate afterwards.)

But when we moved back here, it seemed more cost effective for me to cut Hottie Hubby's hair so that we could afford my expensive haircuts!

(We have used the same Wahl clippers for 7 years now. I can't imagine the amount of money we have saved by cutting Hottie's hair, and now our boys' hair. Some Wahl's come with instructional videos.)

Well, last week I cut Hottie Hubby's hair. Except this time, I cut it too close. I was expecting the haircut to occur in the same pattern that has occurred countless late nights. He does the initial once over shave with the #5. At that point, I come along and make sure that all obstinate long hairs are taken care of before switching to the #2 setting to create a trendy fade. However, it didn't happen that way that fateful night that truly displayed how well we have developed the art of forgiveness and unconditional love.

Because the Hottie Hubby knew that I was scheduled to be up late, he completed the #5 initial shave. But he failed to tell me that he had removed the #5 guard and replaced it with the #2 guard. When I assumed barber responsibilities, I quizzically looked at our beloved Wahl clippers thinking something was amiss, but dismissed my premonition because we have always trimmed his hair the SAME way for seven years.

Oh, sometimes the Holy Spirit speaks in such a soft whisper. I should have listened to that still small voice. Before I knew it, I could see Hottie Hubby's scalp. This uncontrollable giggle overwhelmed me as I confessed my honest mistake.

(The boys were pretty proud of their most recent haircut.)

We both admitted our fault and mowed moved on. What could I do but finish the cut and make it appear that the shortness was intentional, as if we were pretending that Indiana was entering the dog-days of summer, instead of the cool nights of September.

I have had many people react rather strongly that there is no way they could cut their spouses hair. Well, try it. You can buy an instructional video. With a little bit of patience, cutting hair becomes like riding a bike. You never forget how to do it. I enjoy cutting Hottie Hubby's hair. He is at my mercy and we often have a great time dialoging during his hair appointment! If you mess it, it will grow back!


Melissa said...

I think it looks great! I too have had accidents with the clippers - and your right, it does grow back!

christina said...

When we spoke about said haircut, I had envisioned the worst...but, it looks nice! :) You know I have attempted to cut my men's hair several times and it's ended in disaster! I admire your courage! :)

greenkiddo said...

super dad shaves his every monday w/ no guard! first he used a 3, then a 2 and before you know it, he was guard less! LOL! We save tons w/ him cutting his own hair which is good b/c bubbie has so much hair we go in every 6 weeks for a cut which is expensive!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

We cut Luke's hair a home too. He usually does the once over in the garage and then I come out to check it out make sure he hasn't missed anything. Luckily though he does the same length for his hair and face, no guard, so I only have to make sure he doesn't have any long patches left.

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

Oh, and I think it looks good all one length. I wouldn't have thought anything of it if you hadn't said anything.

Shannon said...

I cut my hubby's hair two nights ago (we've been "saving money" ever since we got married) and finally that night he said it was the best I've probably ever done. Phew. I am always afraid it's going to turn out how yours did the other night, but it works out and grows back if it doesn't. He's patient with me, cause he's getting what he pays for!!! (Found you through tot school, btw)