Saturday, August 29, 2009

Speak HTML and Sound Like A Granola Geek

I wish I had watched Web Design for Kids (. . . And Curious Grownups) by Click and Drag Solutions and switched to Mozilla FireFox before I started seriously blogging.

I am the curious grownup that benefited from the content on this great DVD that founder Brian Richardson hosts and educates. Oh, how much time I would have saved instead of trying to figure out HTML code on my own and having things not work due to the seemingly incompatible language differences between Internet Explorer and Blogger.

I think that most people are intimidated by HTML code. If you want to sound smart or appear geeky--talk in computer code. (I do when I need to feel important.) However, I am finding that learning the code or understanding the code is like reading a Dick and Jane book. Basically, remember that HTML code needs to be treated like a sandwich. It doesn't have exceptions, like the English language. It is black and white, as far as facts go, like my husband sees the world. Web Design for Kids can easily get you started on the right track!

While my young boys aren't ready to be quite so technologically savvy, they weren't irritated with me as they heard the entire instructional DVD. I totally could see a student in the 4th grade through the nursing home, finding Web Design for Kids useful as part of their computer curriculum. The DVD is divided up into short sections that focus on particular areas of web page design.

The funny thing was that as I was contemplating what I would write about for this Old SchoolHouse Review, all I could think about was how kind and gentle Brian Richardson appeared on his video. (Really, I would really like Brian Richardson to be my Sunday School teacher, but I'll settle for my computer teacher.) He has a heart to share his vast knowledge with others in a way that is intelligent, at a beginner's level, and meaty enough for a novice to actually BUILD a viable web page.

I have discovered that through blogging, I have found community. Now, don't get me wrong, I enjoy physical people more that I can sit down and have chai with, but I have been seriously blessed and encouraged my many of my fellow blogging and tweeting friends. Brian's product makes web design an intentional, impactful, and conceivable option for a lay person to reach out to strangers, far away friends, missionaries, and virtually anyone in the vast sea of web users.

In a nutshell, Web Design for Kids (. . .And Curious Grownups) is a great addition to an elementary through high school school room. It can stand alone. The instructional content is specific and applicable. Another bonus is that when you purchase this DVD from Click and Drag Solutions, part of the profits are designated for particular charities. Get your DVD now--it is on sale for $19.99 plus shipping!

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