Monday, May 10, 2010

BeeYouTiful Tummy Tune Up: A Review

image I was given the opportunity to review one of BeeYouTiful’s products.  At the time I was suffering from HORRIBLE (All. Day. Long.) pregnancy sickness. 

I picked Tummy Tune Up due to this one little paragraph:

Some pregnant moms find major relief from morning sickness when they take Tummy Tuneup. Especially during the first trimester, a mother’s body is trying to detoxify so it can devote all its energy to growing a healthy baby. This is why morning sickness tends to be the most intense during the early months of pregnancy. Much, if not most, of the detoxification works through the intestines, which process and get rid of toxins more efficiently if there are plenty of good bacteria around for the job.

Taking a pro-biotic is nothing new for me.  I know that a healthy gut is a happy gut.  And a happy gut provides a healthy immune system.  And I have come to learn that to minimize a little disease that I have called Hashimoto's (fun to say, but not fun to treat the reality of), it is important to keep my gut from being inflamed, which only aggravates my Hashimoto's disease. 

So I wanted to see if Tummy TuneUp measures up to other pro-biotics that I have taken.  For $18 you get 60 gastro-enteric coated capsules containing 4 billion (that’s a normal amount) potency pro-biotic with Acidophilus & Bifidus.  The price is comparable to most pro-biotics . . . I typically like taking a pro-biotic that has at least 8 strains of beneficial organisms, though. 

Did it help my morning sickness?  It is hard to tell.  I had several changes that occurred at once: my hazelwood necklace (which is currently a giveaway item right now), incorporating extra Vitamin B’s into my diet, some blackstrap molasses, and this insane prenatal vitamin pack from my PA who diagnosed me with Hashimoto’s instead of plain ‘ol hypothyroidism (which is merely a condition).

I am still using Tummy Tuneup . . . I like it.  I don’t seem to be having an adverse affects by using it . . .  and my midwife approved.  What I like about taking a pro-biotic during pregnancy is that it ummm . . . keeps you going to that small little room on a regular basis (if you know what I mean) and that some good bacteria gets transferred to that little baby’s belly that is growing inside of you. 

Win. Win.

For more reviews on this and other BeeYouTiful products, click on the below picture.

I was given this product for free and I do not have to return it.  That would not be a pretty thing. 

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