Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Latest Obsession

Using your dryer consumes a lot of energy . . . or so I have heard.  I don’t have any proof of that -- other than it seems obvious.

However, that is not the motivation behind my most recent seemingly granola obsession.

The Clothesline.

You see, our dryer has recently begun to sound like the eels Buttercup swam amongst on the way towards the Cliffs of Insanity, in The Princess Bride.

During nap time one day, the dryer was shrieking so loudly that I was forced to piece together yellow yarn that had been stored away for many years, waiting for a good use.  I created my own clothesline on our deck . . . which can pose a walking hazard to young children . . . and well . . . looks pretty tacky. 

laundry 001

I got hooked.  But each time we have a house showing, I have to take it down. 

Until now.  Doesn’t everyone hang laundry over their garden by an unused doghouse next to the exterior of their home in front of a rain barrel?

laundry 002

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