Monday, May 3, 2010

My Birthday Cheesecake

One thing I really appreciate about my neighbor, Dawn, is that she makes the most amazing cheesecake. 

And I have a severe weakness for cheesecake.  It is the one food that I most definitely toss my granola-ness out the door for.  I heart the texture and taste.  A perfect blend of sweet and sour. 

The crazy thing is that Dawn doesn’t even like cheesecake. 

I asked Dawn if she would make me a cheesecake for my birthday . . . You see, they are moving and I wanted to have her famous cheesecake one last time. 

Instead of waiting for my birthday, she went ahead and made me a cheesecake.

tot school april 019

Looks amazing, doesn’t it?

Get this . . . she is still making me a cheesecake for my birthday!

Two cheesecakes in less than 30 days!  Wow!  That is a treat.

What should I pick?

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