Monday, May 3, 2010


Announcing the winner of the Curriculum Giveaway

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klagee27 Who said,  “We are just getting started with homechooling this summer, so any resources would be a huge help. I'd love to have this!

By the way, some of you totally cracked me up with what you wrote in your comments.  You often brought smiles to my face! 


And the lucky dogs who are going to be getting some fun treats in the mail go to . . .

Kristen who said, “We have a Golden Retriever named Rufus. He turned 2 in January.” (Comment #8)

Joanna who said, “My Aussie Casey is 3 1/2- and, most the time, I feel like he's as big a handful as a 3.5 year old human!” (Comment #11)

Rebecca Jo who said, “Which dog? I have four! An Aussie that is 9, a lab that is 7, a Carine Terrior that is 6 & a little mutt that is 4... I gotta load of em'... they all have my heart!”  (Comment #13)

Connyh who wrote, “Penny is all the dog we need/want! She's a crazy, hyper part Lab - part Huskey. SHe's about 3 1/2 years old, I think. We do love her - even though she is NUTS!” (Comment #12)

and Julie who said, “I am a FAN of the Blog.”  (Comment #3)


You each have 48 hours to contact me . . . as I have already sent you a message.  Reply back to thegranolamom4god at gmail dot com.

Oh, stay tuned . . . our Strider Bike came in the mail today!!!!

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