Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Carbonation

I’m learning how to make water kefir soda, not to be confused with the milk kefir that you buy in the grocery store.

Totally Tots 060

It started with a field trip to a well. 

Flowing Spring Well 008

Some little boys thought we would be using a bucket and a pulley to obtain our water.

Flowing Spring Well 007

Alas, no such thing existed at this modern spring well. 

Flowing Spring Well 034

But we still had fun.  Anything can become a field trip or a learning experience when you home school!

 Flowing Spring Well 035

From this water high in minerals and these weird water kefir grains . . .

Flowing Spring Well 058

you mix a few things up . . .

May life 034 

and you get a natural, carbonated drink.

It requires some caution when you open the bottle.   Even a towel. 

Totally Tots 063

Don’t wear white, that’s for sure.

Totally Tots 064

No . . . this has what you would call . . . a little fizz.

 Totally Tots 067


Totally Tots 070

And lots of it.

The best part . . . it’s natural.  It is like drinking a probiotic in a bottle.

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