Monday, May 24, 2010

Grill Daddy: A Review

This is a grill.  Meet Weber.

Grill Daddy 006

Weber has never experienced a thorough cleaning before.  He has seen a grill brush.  But nothing like what he is about to have scrape his insides. 

Grill Daddy 008

Weber is about to meet the most villainous toothbrush known to grills.

Meet The Grill Daddy.

Grill Daddy


Grill Daddy 002

It’s long.  It has water.  It sterilizes.

Grill Daddy 003

I wouldn’t want to use it on my teeth.

This odd shaped contraption is easy to use. 

  1. Heat your grill for 10 minutes.
  2. Using the scraper brush, run The Grill Daddy across the grates, while releasing water via the on/off water valve. (By the way, make sure this is closed when you transport your Grill Daddy out to the grill.  I learned the hard way and found myself with wet socks.) Grill Daddy 004
  3. Then, flip The Grill Daddy over and use the main brush.  By using a reasonable amount of pressure, slide The Grill Daddy in the direction of the grill grates, with the water valve still on. Grill Daddy 017
  4. Keep using until your grill is clean! 

I’ll let you be the final judge, but I think that the one side of the grill definitely looks cleaner.  I didn’t touch the other side.

Grill Daddy 016

The Grill Daddy is available for $19.95 with a 30-day money back guarantee, and all customers receive a free color-coded meat thermometer when they order through The Grill Daddy.  You can also find this gigantic cleaning tool at Ace Hardware, Bed Bath and Beyond (of course), CVS, Home Depot, Sears, K-mart,, and True Value. 

Now, you probably want to know if I would spend my money on it . . . well, I think it is neat.  But I am not the main grilling person around here. If you are particular about how your grill looks and anal about cleanliness . . . then this is the tool for you.  But you have to remember that I once lived in India. 

I was provided with The Grill Daddy for free as a result of being a part of MamaBuzz.  I do not have to give this tool back.  It will now reside in its rightful place . . . by my husband’s Weber.    

By the way, head on over to MamaBuzz to win a Grill Daddy.

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