Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mr. Smiley is 2

Two?! It called for a big breakfast.  Can you guess how many whole wheat pancakes?

Gabe's Birthday 006

Really?  (He slept until 10:30 that morning.)

Gabe's Birthday 009

Was it that long ago? 

I have waited for two years to capture this smile of his.  It always alludes Willow, the camera.

Gabe's Birthday 011

Amazon failed to deliver his gift on time.  Thankfully, I did have a backup plan.

Gabe's Birthday 019A present?  For me?  Oh Boy! 

Gabe's Birthday 021

20 minutes later he finally pulls the gift out of the bag.

Gabe's Birthday 030

And if you live in our family . . . well, you know Starbucks by the time you are one week old.  So why wouldn’t you have Mama and Papa bring Starbucks for your birthday . . . and (get this) a remote controlled train made for a 2 year old!

Gabe's Birthday 038

Gabe's Birthday 050 

Gabe's Birthday 047

And his brothers got a big kick out of the fact that Mr. Smiley didn’t realize what made the train work.

Gabe's Birthday 054

Then the day was filled with playing and napping.

Whole wheat lasagna for dinner . . . (yes, that is our toaster oven.)

Gabe's Birthday 071

and carrot cake for dinner – does anyone know of “somewhat good-for-you” sprinkles?

Gabe's Birthday 074

Happy Birthday (yesterday), my dear little boy.  I can’t believe you are really two!  You are so much fun . . . your laugh, your smile, your waddle, and your horseback riding.  I love how you walk around with a pretend doctor’s bag on your head, how you insist on reading The Wheels on the Bus, and when you call out for “Oosie,” instead of Mussie.  Your constant chatter and even when you pull ALL of the wood puzzles out and dump the on the the floor is quite endearing. 

Thank you God, for the blessing he has been and the comedy he brings to our family.

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