Friday, May 14, 2010

Ideal Curriculum: A Review


Curriculum in your in-box . . . or in your mailbox. 

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Ideal Curriculum offers all inclusive monthly kits for a full year of literacy, calendar, math, oral language, science and social studies.   The lessons can be accomplished at any time of the day, with little or no preparation, unless you choose the downloadable version.  In that case, you will end up spending a lot of time near your printer.  According to their website, the curriculum is based on current educational research.  The lessons include games, songs, and hands on activities.

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While I think it could be a GREAT curriculum for a missionary family, who can’t carry a ton of books overseas . . . we are such bookworms, that this curriculum didn’t satisfy our need for pages to turn and dust mites to collect. 

But it is handy in that it contains your entire month, has a well written lesson plan, and explains EXACTLY what to print out . . . and do remember that you can order a hard copy for $50.  FYI the downloadable version is $30/month. 

Check out Ideal Curriculum or sign up for one free week.   

To read more reviews, head on over to The Old Schoohouse Homeschool Crew review blog.  I was not paid for this post, nor do I have to return the product.

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