Friday, October 21, 2011




To infinity and beyond.  Those words forever ingrained in my mind.  Except the voice I hear isn’t Buzz . . . but etched in my memory with far more memorable voices, important people.

Asher.  Ezra.  Gabe.

In their imaginary world, they can climb Mt. Everest, stop a speeding train, rescue Mom from an attack dog, stop a robber, halt a bank heist. 

God gave us this amazing brain that we really can’t even begin to grasp all of the wonderful things that it is capable of.  This complex organ that is so, well . . .  complex.  But it is only with God that we can go to infinity and beyond. 

Whether here . . . doing the impossible.  Doing what seems unimaginable.  A God sized task.

Or when our time has come, being taken up in the clouds to meet He who created us to live to infinity and beyond with Him in the new Jerusalem.


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