Friday, October 7, 2011

Elementary Round Up

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Operation Clean Up the Basement is in effect right now . . . the Engineer is off to rent an excavator and I am preparing for his birthday! I hope to share with you later this afternoon about our school week!


I’m back.  Phew!  What a week we have had!

If you read my tweets then you know that we had some water damage in our basement and soon after our basement drain decided to barf poop.  After much counsel and calculations . . . we have devised a plan.


This provided an excellent opportunity for the boys to see math used in a practical way.  The Engineer was calculating how much dirt we need to purchase to shore up the foundation of our house, and explaining this to the boys.  Read the Life of Fred: Apples, if you want a textbook that makes math applicable to everyday life.


Nana worked with the boys devising stories about our Flat Travelers.


Anybody interested?  Check out this link and then let me know if you would like to swap with my sister and I . . . and others! 


(We would arrange it through this blog – not on the Flat Stanley forum.)


The boys worked hard on memorizing the books of the Bible using various You Tube videos . . . some more annoying than others.


Science:   Apologia Zoology 1, Flying Animals

We worked hard at drowning bugs and then bringing them back to life with salt. 


Insects are quite amazing.  Due to their inefficient breathing (passive breathing) they can live long amounts of time, even when surrounded by water.  They have an abdomen like a sponge that normally allows air in through tubes called spiracles which lead to a trachea.  When insects come in contact with water, they close their spiracles.


If you want to bring  your insect back to life, throw some salt on them.

Other readings . . . The Story of the World, First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind, and Stick Figure Bible.

Kindergarten: Ezra



  • Additionally, Ezra worked on Singapore Math and Saxon Phonics K.

First/Second Grade:  Asher

  • Saxon Math 1



  • Saxon Phonics 1


  • Critical Thinking:  (co-op)


For Fun

Jumping on bean bags . . .


What did you do?  Or What did you learn?  To see the original Elementary Round Up post,click here.  To view a recent discussion regarding options for this post, click here.

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  1. Write a blog post about your elementary aged child(ren), first through sixth grade,comprising the activities you did the prior two weeks.  You can include pictures, bullet points, tools used, learning gained, God moments, etc.   Or it can simply be a new thing Mom learned.
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BIG IMPORTANT HEART MOMENT:  This isn’t a blog post to WOW other moms . . . the point of this is to help YOU document on YOUR blog what you and your child(ren) are learning.  My link-up is only to provide some accountability.  I won’t come and leave nasty comments on your blog if you don’t link up.

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