Friday, October 14, 2011



My words are formed with a little help.  Influenced by what I have read. 

When I think of the word “catch,” vivid colors coming together to form toddlers playing ball in a backyard.  Giggling.  Throwing but lacking both precision and coordination. 

My mind wanders to seeing the water droplets of someone sneezing and parts of them being flung into the air.  (I know, rather gross.)  And that in itself is amazing . . . if you think about it.  God was crafty to create a sneeze.

I also think of germs on a door handle.  We unwittingly pick them up as we walk through a door into an opportunity, a newly awoken baby, the chiropractor, the dollar store.

Catch.  I hope that the good parts of my faith, the parts that I am obedient in, the parts that I spread joy with . . . those parts that they would end up being flung out into the atmosphere of my home so that my children would catch Jesus.


That wasn’t nearly long enough.  I just got started. 

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