Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Word Wednesday: Black Walnuts

We’ve yet to crack them open . . . the black walnuts.


I know from this video it is going to be a messy process.  However, when the beloved Sunday school/Awana teachers mention anything, Mr. Smackdown instantly grabs hold of the idea.


We are homeschoolers.  They want to learn, I shall teach. 


I’d like to call a sub in for “opening” day, though.


I will be brave.  I’m a little scared of what lurks inside these walnuts.  Namely the black pigment . . . that can and will seek to dye my hands.


I will wear gloves.  Perhaps three pairs thick.


I really thought the video would dissuade them.  Nope.  We ended up watching approximately five . . . and with each one they became even more enamored with the idea of harvesting our own walnuts.

They don’t even like walnuts.


I do.

Perhaps they will learn.  There is something to be said about harvesting your own food.

Thanks, Pat and Al!

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