Monday, October 17, 2011

Little Passports

I just wanted to pass on a great discount . . . especially for those of you who want to study the world with your kiddos . . . but don’t want to print a bunch of printables.  Though here are three GREAT websites --

Or rather . . . you want something hands-on . . . interactive and then you will print some worksheets.

Sam & Sophia Go To Brazil

Little Passports.  My kids love it. 

We have lots of fun with it. 

15% off Little Passports with code SAVE15 (subtle hint)

But my camera ate all of the pictures . . . again.  And it isn’t something that I can recreate . . . feigned surprise.  They won’t do it.  It was such a fun moment too . . . opening our suitcase . . . exploring the contents. 

Sigh.  I need a new memory card. 

Maybe when we open our next Little Passports package --  I’ll have some new photos.  I think we are traveling to Brazil. 

Anyhow . . . use the discountSAVE15

And yes . . . I am an affiliate.  But Little Passports is a product we like and use!

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