Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Out of Control: A Review

I can’t remember the last time I sat at an almost too small table for Neo, myself, and my coffee . . . and blogged.  But here I am.  Here I sit.  Alone.  All of the family errands are completed.  Twenty minutes to myself.  To sit.  To relax.  To blog. 

And in this 20 minutes I bring to you a vacation reading review.  Call me crazy.  You may think I should read a book, do nothing, or blog about something more personal. 

But . . . no.  I wanted to savor “old times” and check this review off of my list.

And get the book on my paperback swap list! 

Out of Control, by Mary Connealy,  might be a read for a bright, sunny room. . . . if you have an overactive imagination like myself.  The characters in this story have got some serious childhood issues that are a result of very dysfunctional families.  Curiosity and greed only serve to aggravate already strained relationships. 

Rafe Kincaid rescues desperately seeking fossil enthusiast Julia Gilliland.  Little do they know how intertwined their lives are . . . and will become. 

Like I said, there are parts of this book that might creep you out and act like a steroid to your imagination.  If you are prone to a story gripping your thoughts and creating graphics with the shadows, this book may not be for you . . . though a redemptive story in its conclusion.

Thanks Bethany House for providing me with a book to review!  I was not paid for this post and did freely express my opinion.  That’s what I like about Bethany House!

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