Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lion of Babylon: A Review

Lion of Babylon is a great novel. reminiscent of a Joel Rosenberg book.  Davis Bunn’s book mainly takes place in Baghdad.  Spurred on by a close tie to missing intelligence agent (Alex Baird), main character Marc Royce is asked to return to the State Department to find Baird and three others. 

Who is behind the disappearances and why?  Marc Royce seeks to find this out while building friendships and trust between himself and the people of Baghdad, essentially bringing forth a large scale reconciliation between America and the Middle East. 

Discover how Marc Royce makes a difference.  It is something that we all could stand to do!

Thank you Bethany House for providing me a copy of the Lion of Babylon.  I was not paid for this review nor do I have to return the book. 

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