Sunday, October 16, 2011

Elementary Round Up

I’m writing a blog post that I’m going to end up entering into my very own linky.  I feel slightly lame.  However, if I go back and edit Friday’s blog post . . . many of you may never know . . . unless I write a blog post letting you know. 

So . . . since I have to write a blog post anyway . . . then I will just link to myself because it sounds like fun.  And it’s easier. 

And rather than break it up by age this week . . . I’m writing this according to the time stamp.  A chronological school week. 


A trip to the chiropractor with our Flat Travelers.  (Blog post coming soon on a Flat Traveler Swap). 


By the way, I started using Valor TGEO . . . totally holds my (our adjustments MUCH longer.)  Let me know if you want some!

Love, loving, loving history these days. 


And it is only getting better with the addition of our new Imagination Station books we are reviewing reading.  (Giveaway coming soon!)


We revisited the Fertile Crescent.


Coupled with the proper way to use a shaduf.


Ziggy from All About Reading made several appearances. 


He is such a kissy zebra!


Ezra further focused on the Letter U in Saxon Phonics and Handwriting Without Tears.


The boys had fun learning some Scripture while I made breakfast with the help of Clubhouse Kidz.


And I  can’t forget to mention our beloved Stick Figure Bible!! (Stay tuned for a fun interview with the artist behind Grapevine Studies!)


Some Letter U coloring from Carisa’s Raising Rock Stars Preschool printables.


First Language Lessons made a few appearances . . . we have been learning about proper nouns.  States are proper nouns . . . just in case you didn’t know that.


Oh . . . and there aren’t that many pictures of Asher . . . he isn’t so fond of the camera these days . . . but we are also working on learning math facts.


Thanks to Apologia . . . we still are catching bugs and placing them in the refrigerator.  One bee accidently found himself residing in the cheese drawer.  He was happy there . . . for awhile.  I have a cricket beside my Vitamix.  Under a jar.  She is not happy.  I know that she is a she because of her ovipositor.  She also poops a lot.  Really.

To see what other curriculum we use . . . you can visit our curriculum page . . . but I need to revise it.  So maybe you shouldn’t.

Linking up to myself . . . and you should to. 

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