Friday, October 28, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Relevant



The picture above is relevant to this blog post.  This is Lisa-Jo.  She is the Gypsa Mama.

Oh!  That’s tomorrow! She gasped.

In this spot, this place . . . I am with the fact that I blog.  I am normal. I am a writer.  It is OK to blog.  Even normal to blog.  Imagine that at a blogging conference.  I feel God’s joy and pleasure when I write.  It is what I am called to do in this season of my life.  I am passionate about scripting words during my showers, washing dishes, and driving in the car. 

Because writing . . . it is relevant to my life.

My blog is an extension of my life . . . the work that God is doing in me.  And He has called me to share in His business.  His presence on the world wide web.

He is here.  He is watching.  He’s my biggest fan. 

And that is relevant . . . it is the well from which I write.  He is the reason I write.  And sometimes, like today . . . He affirms my passion.  My love of playing with words. 


(Thanks for such an awesome talk Tsh Oxenrider and Lisa-Jo for brainstorming topics with us for Friday’s creative writing.)

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