Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Girl with the Imagination

Once upon a time there was a little girl.  She had a ji-normous imagination. 

Ping pong tables sheltered a woodland habitat on her parents orange and black plaid basement carpeting.  Her imagination even moved her dog to use his paw as if in a forehand swing underneath the playing field of said ping pong table.


She, like any good girl, ate her veggies and rode her bike (in circles around her neighborhood . . . leading the pack). 

As she grew so did her imagination.  She flirted across the woods with Anne (of Green Gables), felled a tree with the Girl of the Limberlost, and sailed to remote islands with the Counte of Monte Cristo.

A funny thing happened, though. 


Girls normally outgrow their imaginations.  They fill their mind with clothes, makeup, boys, and movies. 

But not this girl.  (Well, not until her junior year of high school – minus the makeup.)


Her mom often told her to write a children’s book.  The little girl has yet to set her imagination to this task, though the words are pictures flying around her brain.  However, her mom’s words have always anchored themselves to the swiftly darting fingers that most days find themselves treading vigorously upon a black keyboard.

She loves to write. 

It is her “it.” 

Her passion. 

Her love after God, her boyfriend from high school, and the little children living in the castle made of chocolate with her.

When the letters appear on the flat screen that reflects her brain, she releases them up to her Father in Heaven as a thank offering.  A gift for Him. 


And sometimes . . . . not all of the time . . . He rewards her hands by lifting her feet in the air.


(Pictures of the little girl were taken by Simply Sarah during the Relevant Conference this past weekend, who wanted to encourage the Granola family’s tradition of jumping on the bed when staying at a hotel.)

relevant bloggers202

(Thank you SmileBooth.)

Meanwhile, Spell Out Loud laughed at the girl’s childishness.  (I could show you a picture of Maureen sleeping . . . but I won’t.)


Hi.  I’m the girl with the imagination.  I’m no longer a blogger.  I’m a writer.  And I’m not ashamed to admit it anymore.

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