Friday, November 18, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Grow


I’ve had all day.  It is the final hour.  11:46 PM.


Grow.  All I could think of was mold.  Or babies.  The time on the computer. 

But then . . . we got excited.  The Engineer and I.  We went downstairs.  To that place.  That place where I thought monsters lurked.  Organisms that would attack my lungs.  Blackness. 

I exaggerate.  My mind embellishes.


Our hand was forced.  The pipes . . . they pooped. 

The outside . . . forced itself in. 

And we . . . we sought advice.  We cleaned.  We waited. 


A plan formed.  A revised plan that fit nicely in our wallet and actually bought comfort and excitement.


A fresh place.  A knowing place.  Walls that are clean.  Floors that are scrubbed.

A soft place to land.


And a carpet that is growing.  I can’t wait for the boys to wake up in the morning.



Ah . . . I can breathe.  Hooking up with my sweet Lisa-Jo . . . so thankful I was given the chance to write tonight.

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