Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thanks 3

I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.  Gilbert Keith Chesterton

Rain today.  But rain that did not depress . . . or aggravate my easily disturbed homeostasis.  It did not tightly bottle the energy of my children to the point of a water kefir explosion with permanent discoloration upon their souls. 

They . . . they delighted in learning.  Swift hugs.  Air kisses.  Letter C’s.  Cuneiform.  The land of Sumer, home to paper and the Fertile Crescent.  A stick figure Elijah who had faith to call upon heaven and light afire on wet wood.

Random quotes from my husband such as, “It’s big, heavy, colors don’t match.{dramatic pauseI wouldn’t have it.” and “I’m so tired; I think I’ll fall asleep riding my bike to work tomorrow.” 

And me, imagining my Engineer in plaid pajamas (even though I have never known him to wear such a bold covering), long cap with a fuzzy white pom pom, and Snoopy pillow . . . being towed by Jeff.  The very Jeff who wants me to write about how our food is delivered to our doorstep.  (Please tell them I sent you.)

A white sink that appeared after a long absence; discovered by my mom who is braver than I.

Romano encrusted chicken salad delivered.  Even though I haven’t lived with my mom in years, she still feeds me with her hands.


Candles that flicker to the graceful keystrokes of David Neveu.


A simple coffee shared with the Engineer . . . over a provocative discussion involving carpet tiles.

The second post . . . the third day . . . in November.  Thankful.

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