Monday, November 28, 2011

Free Tea (if you read this blog post)

As I type out these words, I am heating some hot water.  Heating it to 195 degrees and then I will steep the tea for 2 minutes.

A spot of tea in the afternoon.  A lovely respite.  I have my time in India to thank for this habit. 


Today my tea will be perfect . . . in my new mug. 


A Vortex mug . . . that is unique to the Humboldt Tea Company


The Engineer won it for me at a tea tasting party.  Just like wine is best when sipped from a glass designed for its taste and smell . . . tea also adores the appropriate cup. 

The Vortex Tasting Cup is an exclusive design to Humboldt County Tea. This cup produces a richer, deeper taste from the 'Vortex' action created by its inverted design, concentrating the aroma and taste at the nose and mouth.

Tasting the same tea from the same teapot sipped from an ordinary teacup and the Vortex Tasting Cup will demonstrate quickly the difference proper design creates for the tea drinker. It literally tastes like different tea, just from the vortex action of our cup.

These cups are hand-crafted exclusively for The Humboldt County Tea Company, and are limited in quantity. Priced $8 each, 2/$14 or4/$24.


But I’m not writing this to tell you about my tea.  I’m writing to tell you about your tea. 

It has free shipping right now.  Until Midnight at the Humboldt Tea Company(Shipping is $2.99 normally BUT free on orders over $25.)

And Dan, the owner, he left a little message on my blog . . . if you tell him that “Jodi sent you,” he will send you a tea sample.  Be sure to mention what your taste buds are curious about!

I have tasted these Humboldt Tea Company teas . . . and liked them.

  • Naptown Snoozer ~ it will seriously relax you and put you to sleep for the night if you allow it to steep long enough.
  • Iron Goddess of Mercy ~ a fabulous tea if you would like to loose weight without changing your eating habits too much.
  • White Peony (Bai Mu Dan) white tea ~ has less caffeine than green tea.  Additionally, this tea is laid flat to dry . . . so that it does not begin the fermentation process of its own accord.
  • Moonswirl White Tip


Let me know what you get!  I’m going to go enjoy my tea now!


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