Monday, November 28, 2011

A Meaningful Gift

I had written a post.  A post filled with gift ideas.  But I knew if I hit the send button . . . I wouldn’t be able fall asleep tonight. 

I want to tell you about a meaningful gift

An eternal gift.  Full of good tidings.

And I won’t earn money off of it by telling you about it. 

OneVerse Blogger

Consider giving a Bible verse this year. 

Or 12 of them.  Start a monthly habit.

My goal? 

Should the Lord tarry, I want to decorate next year’s Christmas tree with the verses that were translated in the  Vidunda language.  Verses that the Granola Mom 4 God blog paid for . . . and your verses . . . my readers verses. 


Join me.  Let us begin a monthly link up . . . starting in January. 

Each month Granola Mom 4 God will be donating $26 towards the Vidunda people group.  Every time you click on one of my affiliate links . . . and I make money off of it . . . know that I am going to tithe that earning.

If 250 people decide to support the translation of the Vidunda people group for 3-4 years . . . the entire New Testament Bible will get translated.

Consider what the Duggars are doing . . . (they made a sweet video).

Gift-A-Verse . . . it’s something immediately tangible and beneficial.  Here is how it works . . . you donate $26 and choose what people group you would like to sponsor.

You can donate the verse in honor of someone.  Or not.  It makes no matter. 

In return you will receive a Christmas card (click here to see what your choices are).

Within that Christmas card will be a message AND the code that you (or the recipient of your card) will need to unlock the VERY verse your donation translated.

Very cool.

OneVerse Blogger

Be sure to place your order before December 12th, especially if you want to mail the Christmas Card and verse to a designated person. See the FAQ page if you have more questions!

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