Monday, November 21, 2011

Steeped in Tea

I discovered why I truly love tea.

It ferments. On its own. 

Do I need to say more?

If you know me . . . you know that I love tea (and fermenting). 

You might think that I like coffee more.  But then you would be wrong.


I heart tea. 

If it is steeped correctly.  Which I am horrible at.

Tea . . . has class to it.  Tradition.  Endless flavors.  Stories.  People. 


I am sure that coffee does too.  In fact, the art of making a great latte . . . could stand alone as a thick book.

But tea . . . it just has that special “je ne sais quoi.”


Maybe I’m drawn to it because I visited a real tea plantation when we lived in India.  And that momentary life we lived in India. . . was powerful. 

That is where my love of tea . . . of chai began.

Anyway . . .

We received an invitation.  A webite launch.  It MUST be celebrated!  We made a date.  We learned a lot.

Humboldt Tea Company

Seriously, this is good tea. 


(Hint . . . hint . . . this tea . . . Humboldt County Tea . . .  would make for a great Christmas present . . . stocking stuffer.   Let me know if you need some suggestions.  Because I have some opinions.)

Just sayin’.

Meet Dan. 


He is the man behind Humboldt Tea Company.  (By the way, Humboldt County is in California . . . not Indiana.  There isn’t a Humboldt County in Indiana.  But there is a tea company.) 

I’m so glad we didn’t have to travel to California for our tea date.

Nor do you.  You don’t even have to come to Indiana.

Dan will ship it to you.  I’m sad you may not meet him . . . because he knows a lot about tea . . . and he shares his knowledge without luring you to sleep, unlike Naptown Snoozer, a blend unique to Humboldt Tea Company.

When you receive your tea, here are some brewing guidelines – these temperatures will make it or break it . . . seriously.

  • White Tea -- 160F
  • Green Tea -- 175F
  • Oolong Tea -- 195F
  • Black Tea -- 208F
  • Herbal Tea -- 212F

And then there is the steeping time.  That largely depends upon the tea. 

I’ve only touched the handle of your tea cup.  There is more tea learning to be had! 

But I must go to bed.

Please support my new tea company.  When you go to Dan’s website, shoot him an email about his Vortex Tea Mugs (I won one!) . . . he designed them.  Tell him to put them in stock! 

P.S.  I am blogging about this . . . because I like tea.  I don’t have ANY affiliate links.  I just had a fun date with The Engineer.  I wanted to share!

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