Thursday, November 17, 2011

How To Get Rid of a Headache

It only took one migraine to adopt the girl scout moto, “Be prepared.”


Whether I am styling with my fake leather purse that makes me appear to know about fashion . . . or traveling with the good ‘ol diaper bag --

I always have a cosmetic bag.  Not that I wear make-up, because I really don’t.   The clear bag that you see above is well . . .  clear . . . BUT it is normally a kind-of cute bag. 

A recent trip on an airplane prompted me secure my oils in a transparent bag.

A bag of oils. 


Peppermint.  Lavender.  Aroma Siez.

These three oils stop my headaches.

Particularly this one . . .


I apply it to my hand.  Warm it up.  Take three deep drawls of scented breath and slap the remaining oil on the back of my neck.

I wait.

I literally feel a shift in my head.  Almost a click.  (I know . . . I’m sounding kooky.)

Here comes the lavender.

I rub it on my neck.

Followed by the icing of peppermint.

Sometimes I apply these three oils about 15 minutes later. 

Sometimes not. 

But that is how I avoid my headaches.  I don’t like taking drugs.

Wanna try some?  See my website . . . you can order there.  But I must tell you . . . it’s cheaper to become a distributor.  Just saying.

Let me know if I can help.

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