Sunday, November 13, 2011

Usborne Book and Essential Oil Sweepstakes

What do sustainable books and therapeutic essential oils have in common?

They improve the quality of life.  And feed your memory banks.

I decided to prove it.  God gave me the idea.  The Engineer was curious to see how we (Renee and I) would accomplish this goal.

It was quite easy.  If I say so myself. 


And thankfully, Renee, works wonderfully with me – the procrastinator.  I didn’t procrastinate.  I just have four kids.  And I homeschool. Oh, and we are repairing our basement.  That’s it. 

Just how do oils and sustainable books go together?

Consider the fact that your sense of smell is 10,000 times more acute than  your other senses. 


Once your sniffer snags anything in it’s hairs, that molecule travels to a special parking lot in your face.  There the smell meets the parking attendant, and that particular smell is given a ticket to enter your brain.  The ticket contains the smell’s assigned parking space and is directed to the location of your brain known as the “olfactory bulb.”  Lit up with excitement over the smell that wafted along, the olfactory bulb sends a message . . . almost like Morris Code, to the amygdala (which is part of your limbic system) where . . . MEMORIES ARE STORED.

The smell will forever be associated with what you were doing or learning at the time it encountered  your nose.

All of these . . . caught on that hidden camera in your brain. 

Ever smell something that sends you on the Concord to your past?

Thank your nose. 

Do you see where I am going with this? 

If you want to remember something forever . . . store it with a smell

Want to help your child learn and recall with greater ease?  Store the learning with a smell.

And that is what we did.  Well, I often do that with my kids . . . but I actually researched it a bit more so that I could brainwash educate my friends.


The idea was to create a cozy moment.  Enter food.  The option to snuggle on the couch (Melanie’s favorite part – the lady on the left).  Warm beverage.  Relaxing.  Not getting up to change a diaper.  Forbidden from taking dinner out of the oven.  No answering of a phone call . . . or seeing who tweeted (I never do that). 

Just sit.  Be read to.  Listen to the rhythm of language, the music of words carried further into our experience by the sent of therapeutic grade essential oils.

Not one prone to drink, the night felt like I had had a glass of wine.  But I hadn’t.   Or strongly fermented kombucha.  But I didn’t serve that.  We had hot chocolate, if you must know.

Maybe it was the lavender . . . Joy . . . White Angelica . . . Valor . . . or a combination of all the essential oils.

Renee read. 


We applied oil.

The books are stored in our brains.  Or at least a night of fellowship is.

You can do it too.

Renee and I are giving away

1 $25 Gift Certificate to Usborne Books


1 bottle of Joy Young Living TGEO

Mandatory:  Visit Renee’s Usborne website and create a wish list.

Optional Entries (please comment for each one separately)

  • My book party will be open until the Monday after Thanksgiving (due to some fabulous deals on Black Book Friday.  Purchase a book while “my party” is open.  Give yourself 5 entries/comments.  (Please use the “my party” link.)
  • Visit my Young Living Essential Oil website and tell me what essential oil you would like to try . . . or what your thoughts regarding essential oils are . . . you pick.
  • What Usborne book do you have your eye on?
  • Describe a memory that is connected to a smell.
  • If you are in the Indianapolis area, invite me to come and teach an essential oils class (5 extra entries/comments).
  • Why does Renee sell Usborne books?
  • Tweet! Follow me on Google Connect. Get my feed in your inbox! (3 entries)

Giveaway ends 11/28/2011 11:59:00 PM.  Open to US and Canada.  (But your oil may change if you are in Canada.)  I am unashamedly promoting myself and my friend, Renee.  We both feel called to our “businesses.”  In fact, here is a little ditty about Renee . . . it is WORTH reading.


I started with Usborne about 3 years ago.  I joined because I love to learn.  I love books--especially great children's books.  I knew we would probably home school and Usborne had hundreds of educational books that I could see tying into theme units and/or using for reference guides, etc.  I joined in all honesty to get the discount.  Since Usborne has no sales requirements or minimums I didn't have to have shows.   I bought the kit and added the books to our collection. I didn't think much more about until about 6 months ago.  I realized I truly thought these were the best books on the planet for kids.  As I learned more about the company, their values and their eagerness to help organizations earn free books, I also fell in love with the company.  They are truly a family friendly organization.    I saw this business as the perfect marriage of my Master in Business Administration and my Education degree.  I also saw how great it was that I could fit this around my first calling to be a wife & mother.  I prayed about it and discussed it with my husband.  It has often been said to find your passion you need to find that thing you would do, even if it meant you never got paid or made any money from it.  This is that for me.  I feel it is what the Lord has been leading me to for so many years.  It might seem strange to some.  However the way I look at it I'm helping to impact a future generation by providing them with wonderful books that make ready and learning fun and enjoyable.

Thanks, Renee!

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